Customer needs

Market research of customer needs

Why are customer needs important

Before spending a lot of money and work on developing a new product or service, it is essential to know what the potential of your idea is and what your customers really need. Concerning customers it is also extremely important to know who they are, where they are located, what they prefer and what captures them in buying a particular product or service. These are just some of the main questions many companies are engaged with in order to stay competitive on the market. As many companies are competing on gaining a big market share and enlarge their product capacity, the research services have become more than essential today. That’s why I decided to jump into the research industry in order to provide an answer to some of these market questions.

About ServiceResearch

ServiceResearch is currently a one person initiative, which mission is to provide market research services to small and medium-sized companies in order to test the potential of their new products/services and assess the present products/service quality from the eyes of their customers. This could be an effective way for many companies to have a deeper look into their markets and know what captures their customers into buying a particular product or service. For achieving this I have used different research theories and designed different types of questionnaires, which are needed for extracting this market knowledge. My focus for the time being is primarily on evaluating a website service quality, customer satisfaction research and research about new products and services to be launched. I further analyze the data and provide the companies with a customer analyzed report, based on which managers can target their customer groups and focus their market efforts in the proper direction.
Opportunity for your BusinessSo if you think this could be a useful knowledge for your company and a good opportunity for your business, you are welcome to contact me, so that we can clarify the details and extract this knowledge about  your customers.